Add Meta Description And Keywords In WordPress

When you are doing on page SEO optimization you need to consider in all strategies. In this the main thing is we need to add Meta description and Meta keywords. This will helps our site to rank on search engine. In Meta description you need to include your main keyword and the content should be more quality. Write your own content and place on it. And for keywords you can include all your main keywords and related keywords this will help search engine to find out our website for specific keywords

Steps to add Meta Description and Keywords on Your Website

Step 1 : Edit the below code with your details

Step 2 : If you are using HTML code Website you can place this code at Between head tag.
Step 3 : If you are using WordPress Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Theme Editor
Step 4 : you can Find File Header.php
Step 5 : Place your code in between head tag.
Step 6 : Save your file.

Now the steps are completed now the details successfully added on your website. Just go to page source and see that your details are placed in correct way.

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