How To Change HTTP To HTTPS For Our Site Fast And Free

For each and every site it should be on secured. For that we need to change our website from HTTP to HTTPS. This will support our website to load fast and getting ranking on search engine. First step when we are plan to do SEO for our website we much do this to optimize in search engine. I explain video about this how to do this in 3 min . Follow the steps that you can do it yourself.

Some peoples are charging like $100 to change HTTP to HTTPS. This will save your money and your site looks more secured.
Step 1 : Go to
Step 2 : Sign up for free account
Step 3 : Choose your plan what ever you need.
Step 4 : Enter your website URL
Step 5 : It automatically revoke some information already pointing to your website.
Step 6 : Then cloudflare will give you 2 Nameserver info
Step 7 : You need to login to your domain dashboard and select the option nameserver
Step 8 : Change what nameserver that given by Cloudflare.
Step 9 : Once done all you need to wait for some hours to fully configure setting.

Now your site is now secured by cloudflare. You can enjoy fast loading of your website and it looks genuine.

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